Telepathy is a flexible, modular communications framework that enables real-time communication via pluggable protocol backends. Telepathy is a communications service that can be accessed by many applications ("clients") simultaneously.
This allows any application to access presence information, request a communications channel (potentially handled by another client), or collaborate contact-to-contact.
Telepathy provides protocol backends for most popular protocols including: Jabber/XMPP/Jingle, link-local XMPP, SIP, Yahoo/AIM and IRC via a unified D-Bus API.
It also provides convenience libraries for GLib, Qt4 and Python to simplify using the API from applications.
Telepathy exposes the available real-time communications capabilities of each protocol: presence, contact rosters, text chat, voice and video over IP, file transfer and Telepathy Tubes.
Telepathy is modular. Each backend and client runs in a separate process, allowing for much greater security and resilience.
Telepathy is suitable for embedded and desktop environments.

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