public abstract Set<string> anti_links { set; get; }

UIDs of anti-linked Personas.

The Personas identified by their UIDs in this set are guaranteed to not be linked to this Persona, even if their linkable properties match.

No UIDs may be null. Well-formed but non-existent UIDs (i.e. UIDs which can be successfully parsed, but which don't currently correspond to a Persona instance) are permitted, as personas may appear and disappear over time.

The special UID * is used as a wildcard to mark the persona as globally anti-linked. See AntiLinkable.has_global_anti_link.

It is expected, but not guaranteed, that anti-links made between personas will be reciprocal. That is, if persona A lists persona B's UID in its AntiLinkable.anti_links set, persona B will typically also list persona A in its anti-links set.