public bool is_user { get; }

Whether the Individual is the user.

Iff the Individual represents the user – the person who owns the account in the backend for each Persona in the Individual – this is true.

It is not guaranteed that every Persona in the Individual has its Persona.is_user set to the same value as the Individual. For example, the user could own two Telepathy accounts, and have added the other account as a contact in each account. The accounts will expose a Persona for the user (which will have Persona.is_user set to true) and a Persona for the contact for the other account (which will have Persona.is_user set to false).

It is guaranteed that iff this property is set to true on an Individual, there will be at least one Persona in the Individual with its Persona.is_user set to true.

It is guaranteed that there will only ever be one Individual with this property set to true.