[ Deprecated ( since = "0.9.5" , replacement = "IndividualAggregator.dup" ) ]
public IndividualAggregator ()

Warning: IndividualAggregator is deprecated. Use Folks.IndividualAggregator.dup.

Create a new IndividualAggregator.

Clients should connect to the IndividualAggregator.individuals_changed signal (or the IndividualAggregator.individuals_changed_detailed signal), then call IndividualAggregator.prepare to load the backends and start aggregating individuals.

An example of how to set up an IndividualAggregator:

  IndividualAggregator agg = new IndividualAggregator ();
agg.individuals_changed_detailed.connect (individuals_changed_cb);
agg.prepare ();

Folks does not support having more than one IndividualAggregator instantiated at the same time. So it's recommended to use IndividualAggregator.dup instead.