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Connection manager proxies


class  Tp::ConnectionManagerLowlevel
 The ConnectionManagerLowlevel class extends ConnectionManager with support to low-level features. More...
class  Tp::ConnectionManager
 The ConnectionManager class represents a Telepathy connection manager. More...
class  Tp::ProtocolInfo
 The ProtocolInfo class represents a Telepathy Protocol. More...
class  Tp::ProtocolParameter
 The ProtocolParameter class represents a Telepathy protocol parameter. More...
class  Tp::Client::ConnectionManagerInterface
class  Tp::Client::ProtocolInterface
class  Tp::Client::ProtocolInterfaceAddressingInterface
class  Tp::Client::ProtocolInterfaceAvatarsInterface
class  Tp::Client::ProtocolInterfacePresenceInterface

Detailed Description

Proxy objects representing remote Telepathy ConnectionManager objects and their optional interfaces.

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