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Account proxies


class  Tp::AccountSet
 The AccountSet class represents a set of Telepathy accounts filtered by a given criteria. More...
class  Tp::Account
 The Account class represents a Telepathy account. More...
class  Tp::ContactMessenger
 The ContactMessenger class provides an easy way to send text messages to a contact and also track sent/receive text messages from the same contact. More...
class  Tp::PendingAccount
 The PendingAccount class represents the parameters of and the reply to an asynchronous account request. More...
class  Tp::Client::AccountInterface
class  Tp::Client::AccountInterfaceAddressingInterface
class  Tp::Client::AccountInterfaceAvatarInterface
class  Tp::Client::AccountInterfaceStorageInterface

Detailed Description

Proxy objects representing remote Telepathy account objects and their optional interfaces.