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Tp::ReadyObject Member List
This is the complete list of members for Tp::ReadyObject, including all inherited members.
actualFeatures() const Tp::ReadyObject [virtual]
becomeReady(const Features &requestedFeatures=Features())Tp::ReadyObject [virtual]
isReady(const Features &features=Features()) const Tp::ReadyObject [virtual]
missingFeatures() const Tp::ReadyObject [virtual]
readinessHelper() const Tp::ReadyObject [protected]
ReadyObject(RefCounted *object, const Feature &featureCore)Tp::ReadyObject
ReadyObject(DBusProxy *proxy, const Feature &featureCore)Tp::ReadyObject
requestedFeatures() const Tp::ReadyObject [virtual]
~ReadyObject()Tp::ReadyObject [virtual]

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