Frequently Asked Questions

See also the Empathy FAQ

Do telepathy and empathy support voice calls between more than 2 people at the same time using jingle?

Not yet, but there is work going on to support it. See Muji

How can I get the logs for Telepathy applications?

See the Empathy debugging page on live.gnome

Is File Transfer compatible with the GTalk desktop client?

Not yet, but there is work going on to support their dialect of Jingle file transfers.

Does Telepathy support audio and video chat with the GTalk web client (the one embedded in Gmail)?

Audio works, as does video if you install H.264 codecs.

Does empathy support end to end encryption?

Implementation of end to end encryption is in progress. The plan is to implement XEP-0246 (current API sketch).

Where can I find documentation on how to develop with Telepathy?

The Telepathy Developer Manual which is still a WIP. It is also useful to always have the Telepathy Specification under the hand as a reference.

Does Telepathy work on Windows?

Not really, but people are working on it (Telepathy On Windows).

TelepathyQt4 isn't working; I get errors like “QDBusPendingReply: type Tp::UIntList is not registered with QtDBus”

Make sure you've called Tp::registerTypes() from your main() function (or at least before you call any ?TelepathyQt4 methods).