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public class Persona : Persona

A persona subclass representing a single contact.

This mocks up a ‘thin’ persona which implements none of the available property interfaces provided by libfolks, and is designed as a base class to be subclassed by personas which will implement one or more of these interfaces. For example, FolksDummy.FullPersona is one such subclass which implements all available interfaces.

There are two sides to this class’ interface: the normal methods required by Folks.Persona, such as Folks.Persona.linkable_property_to_links, and the backend methods which should be called by test driver code to simulate changes in the backing store providing this persona, such as FolksDummy.Persona.update_writeable_properties. The update_, register_ and unregister_ prefixes are commonly used for backend methods.

All property changes for contact details of subclasses of FolksDummy.Persona have a configurable delay before taking effect, which can be controlled by FolksDummy.Persona.property_change_delay.

The API in FolksDummy is unstable and may change wildly. It is designed mostly for use by libfolks unit tests.



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