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public class PersonaStore : PersonaStore

A persona store which allows FolksDummy.Personas to be programmatically created and manipulated, for the purposes of testing the core of libfolks itself. This should not be used in user-visible applications.

There are two sides to this class’ interface: the methods and properties declared by Folks.PersonaStore , which form the normal libfolks persona store API; and the mock methods and properties (such as FolksDummy.PersonaStore.add_persona_from_details_mock) which are intended to be used by test driver code to simulate the behaviour of a real backing store. Calls to these mock methods effect state changes in the store which are visible in the normal libfolks API. The update_, register_ and unregister_ prefixes and the mock suffix are commonly used for backing store methods.

The main action performed with a dummy persona store is to change its set of personas, adding and removing them dynamically to test client-side behaviour. The client-side APIs (Folks.PersonaStore.add_persona_from_details and Folks.PersonaStore.remove_persona) should not be used for this. Instead, the mock APIs should be used: FolksDummy.PersonaStore.freeze_personas_changed , FolksDummy.PersonaStore.register_personas, FolksDummy.PersonaStore.unregister_personas and FolksDummy.PersonaStore.thaw_personas_changed. These can be used to build up complex Folks.PersonaStore.personas_changed signal emissions, which are only emitted after the final call to FolksDummy.PersonaStore.thaw_personas_changed.

The API in FolksDummy is unstable and may change wildly. It is designed mostly for use by libfolks unit tests.



Namespace: FolksDummy
Package: folks-dummy




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