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Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface Class Reference

Base class for implementations of Channel.Interface.RoomConfig1. More...

#include <TelepathyQt/BaseChannel>

Inherits Tp::AbstractChannelInterface.

Public Types

typedef Callback2< void, const QVariantMap &, DBusError * > UpdateConfigurationCallback

Public Member Functions

virtual ~BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface ()
QVariantMap immutableProperties () const
bool anonymous () const
void setAnonymous (bool anonymous)
bool inviteOnly () const
void setInviteOnly (bool inviteOnly)
uint limit () const
void setLimit (uint limit)
bool moderated () const
void setModerated (bool moderated)
QString title () const
void setTitle (const QString &title)
QString description () const
void setDescription (const QString &description)
bool persistent () const
void setPersistent (bool persistent)
bool isPrivate () const
void setPrivate (bool newPrivate)
bool passwordProtected () const
void setPasswordProtected (bool passwordProtected)
QString password () const
void setPassword (const QString &password)
QString passwordHint () const
void setPasswordHint (const QString &passwordHint)
bool canUpdateConfiguration () const
void setCanUpdateConfiguration (bool canUpdateConfiguration)
QStringList mutableProperties () const
void setMutableProperties (const QStringList &mutableProperties)
bool configurationRetrieved () const
void setConfigurationRetrieved (bool configurationRetrieved)
void setUpdateConfigurationCallback (const UpdateConfigurationCallback &cb)
void updateConfiguration (const QVariantMap &properties, DBusError *error)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tp::AbstractChannelInterface
 AbstractChannelInterface (const QString &interfaceName)
virtual ~AbstractChannelInterface ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tp::AbstractDBusServiceInterface
 AbstractDBusServiceInterface (const QString &interfaceName)
virtual ~AbstractDBusServiceInterface ()
QString interfaceName () const
DBusObjectdbusObject () const
bool isRegistered () const
bool notifyPropertyChanged (const QString &propertyName, const QVariant &propertyValue)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tp::Object
virtual ~Object ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tp::RefCounted
 RefCounted ()
virtual ~RefCounted ()

Static Public Member Functions

static BaseChannelRoomConfigInterfacePtr create ()
template<typename BaseChannelRoomConfigInterfaceSubclass >
static SharedPtr< BaseChannelRoomConfigInterfaceSubclass > create ()

Protected Member Functions

 BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Tp::AbstractChannelInterface
virtual void close ()
virtual void setBaseChannel (BaseChannel *channel)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Tp::AbstractDBusServiceInterface
virtual bool registerInterface (DBusObject *dbusObject)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Tp::Object
 Object ()
void notify (const char *propertyName)

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from Tp::Object
void propertyChanged (const QString &propertyName)

Detailed Description

Base class for implementations of Channel.Interface.RoomConfig1.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::~BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface ( )

Class destructor.

Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface ( )

Class constructor.

Member Function Documentation

static BaseChannelRoomConfigInterfacePtr Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::create ( )
template<typename BaseChannelRoomConfigInterfaceSubclass >
static SharedPtr<BaseChannelRoomConfigInterfaceSubclass> Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::create ( )
QVariantMap Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::immutableProperties ( ) const

Return the immutable properties of this interface.

Immutable properties cannot change after the interface has been registered on a service on the bus with registerInterface().

The immutable properties of this interface.

Implements Tp::AbstractDBusServiceInterface.

bool Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::anonymous ( ) const
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setAnonymous ( bool  anonymous)
bool Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::inviteOnly ( ) const
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setInviteOnly ( bool  inviteOnly)
uint Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::limit ( ) const
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setLimit ( uint  limit)
bool Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::moderated ( ) const
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setModerated ( bool  moderated)
QString Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::title ( ) const
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setTitle ( const QString &  title)
QString Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::description ( ) const
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setDescription ( const QString &  description)
bool Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::persistent ( ) const
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setPersistent ( bool  persistent)
bool Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::isPrivate ( ) const
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setPrivate ( bool  newPrivate)
bool Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::passwordProtected ( ) const
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setPasswordProtected ( bool  passwordProtected)
QString Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::password ( ) const
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setPassword ( const QString &  password)
QString Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::passwordHint ( ) const
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setPasswordHint ( const QString &  passwordHint)
bool Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::canUpdateConfiguration ( ) const
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setCanUpdateConfiguration ( bool  canUpdateConfiguration)
QStringList Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::mutableProperties ( ) const
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setMutableProperties ( const QStringList &  mutableProperties)
bool Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::configurationRetrieved ( ) const
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setConfigurationRetrieved ( bool  configurationRetrieved)
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::setUpdateConfigurationCallback ( const UpdateConfigurationCallback cb)
void Tp::BaseChannelRoomConfigInterface::updateConfiguration ( const QVariantMap &  properties,
DBusError error 

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