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Tp::Captcha Class Reference

The Captcha class represents a Captcha ready to be answered. More...

#include <TelepathyQt/Captcha>

Public Member Functions

 Captcha ()
 Captcha (const Captcha &other)
 ~Captcha ()
bool isValid () const
Captchaoperator= (const Captcha &rhs)
QString mimeType () const
QString label () const
QByteArray data () const
CaptchaAuthentication::ChallengeType type () const
uint id () const

Detailed Description

The Captcha class represents a Captcha ready to be answered.

It exposes all the parameters needed for a handler to present the user with a captcha.

Please note this class is meant to be read-only. It is usually created by PendingCaptchas once a Captcha request operation succeeds.

Please note that this class is implicitly shared.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Tp::Captcha::Captcha ( )

Default constructor.

Tp::Captcha::Captcha ( const Captcha other)

Copy constructor.

Tp::Captcha::~Captcha ( )

Class destructor.

Member Function Documentation

bool Tp::Captcha::isValid ( ) const
Captcha & Tp::Captcha::operator= ( const Captcha rhs)
QString Tp::Captcha::mimeType ( ) const

Return the mimetype of the captcha.

The captcha's mimetype.
See also
QString Tp::Captcha::label ( ) const

Return the label of the captcha. For some captcha types, such as CaptchaAuthentication::TextQuestionChallenge, the label is also the challenge the user has to answer

The captcha's label.
See also
data() type()
QByteArray Tp::Captcha::data ( ) const

Return the raw data of the captcha. The handler can check its type and metatype to know how to parse the blob.

The captcha's data.
See also
mimeType(), type()
CaptchaAuthentication::ChallengeType Tp::Captcha::type ( ) const

Return the type of the captcha.

The captcha's type.
See also
uint Tp::Captcha::id ( ) const

Return the id of the captcha. This parameter should be used to identify the captcha when answering its challenge.

The captcha's id.
See also

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