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Tp::ReferencedHandles Class Reference

Helper container for safe management of handle lifetimes. Every handle in a ReferencedHandles container is guaranteed to be valid (and stay valid, as long it's in at least one ReferencedHandles container). More...

#include <TelepathyQt/ReferencedHandles>

Public Types

typedef UIntList::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef UIntList::ConstIterator ConstIterator
typedef UIntList::const_pointer const_pointer
typedef UIntList::const_reference const_reference
typedef UIntList::difference_type difference_type
typedef UIntList::pointer pointer
typedef UIntList::reference reference
typedef UIntList::size_type size_type
typedef UIntList::value_type value_type

Public Member Functions

 ReferencedHandles ()
 ReferencedHandles (const ReferencedHandles &other)
 ~ReferencedHandles ()
ConnectionPtr connection () const
HandleType handleType () const
uint at (int i) const
uint back () const
uint first () const
uint front () const
uint last () const
uint value (int i, uint defaultValue=0) const
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator constBegin () const
const_iterator constEnd () const
const_iterator end () const
bool contains (uint handle) const
int count (uint handle) const
int count () const
bool empty () const
bool endsWith (uint handle) const
int indexOf (uint handle, int from=0) const
bool isEmpty () const
int lastIndexOf (uint handle, int from=-1) const
int length () const
ReferencedHandles mid (int pos, int length=-1) const
int size () const
bool startsWith (uint handle) const
void append (const ReferencedHandles &another)
void clear ()
void move (int from, int to)
void pop_back ()
void pop_front ()
int removeAll (uint handle)
void removeAt (int i)
void removeFirst ()
void removeLast ()
bool removeOne (uint handle)
void swap (int i, int j)
uint takeAt (int i)
uint takeFirst ()
uint takeLast ()
bool operator!= (const ReferencedHandles &another) const
bool operator!= (const UIntList &another) const
ReferencedHandles operator+ (const ReferencedHandles &another) const
ReferencedHandlesoperator+= (const ReferencedHandles &another)
ReferencedHandlesoperator<< (const ReferencedHandles &another)
ReferencedHandlesoperator= (const ReferencedHandles &another)
bool operator== (const ReferencedHandles &another) const
bool operator== (const UIntList &list) const
uint operator[] (int i) const
UIntList toList () const
QSet< uint > toSet () const
std::list< uint > toStdList () const
QVector< uint > toVector () const

Detailed Description

Helper container for safe management of handle lifetimes. Every handle in a ReferencedHandles container is guaranteed to be valid (and stay valid, as long it's in at least one ReferencedHandles container).

The class offers a QList-style API. However, from the mutable operations, only the operations for which the validity guarantees can be preserved are provided. This means no functions which can add an arbitrary handle to the container are included - the only way to add handles to the container is to reference them using Connection::referenceHandles() and appending the resulting ReferenceHandles instance.

ReferencedHandles is a implicitly shared class.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef UIntList::const_iterator Tp::ReferencedHandles::const_iterator
typedef UIntList::ConstIterator Tp::ReferencedHandles::ConstIterator
typedef UIntList::const_pointer Tp::ReferencedHandles::const_pointer
typedef UIntList::const_reference Tp::ReferencedHandles::const_reference
typedef UIntList::difference_type Tp::ReferencedHandles::difference_type
typedef UIntList::pointer Tp::ReferencedHandles::pointer
typedef UIntList::reference Tp::ReferencedHandles::reference
typedef UIntList::size_type Tp::ReferencedHandles::size_type
typedef UIntList::value_type Tp::ReferencedHandles::value_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Tp::ReferencedHandles::ReferencedHandles ( )
Tp::ReferencedHandles::ReferencedHandles ( const ReferencedHandles other)
Tp::ReferencedHandles::~ReferencedHandles ( )

Member Function Documentation

ConnectionPtr Tp::ReferencedHandles::connection ( ) const
HandleType Tp::ReferencedHandles::handleType ( ) const
uint Tp::ReferencedHandles::at ( int  i) const
uint Tp::ReferencedHandles::back ( ) const
uint Tp::ReferencedHandles::first ( ) const
uint Tp::ReferencedHandles::front ( ) const
uint Tp::ReferencedHandles::last ( ) const
uint Tp::ReferencedHandles::value ( int  i,
uint  defaultValue = 0 
) const
ReferencedHandles::const_iterator Tp::ReferencedHandles::begin ( ) const
const_iterator Tp::ReferencedHandles::constBegin ( ) const
const_iterator Tp::ReferencedHandles::constEnd ( ) const
ReferencedHandles::const_iterator Tp::ReferencedHandles::end ( ) const
bool Tp::ReferencedHandles::contains ( uint  handle) const
int Tp::ReferencedHandles::count ( uint  handle) const
int Tp::ReferencedHandles::count ( ) const
bool Tp::ReferencedHandles::empty ( ) const
bool Tp::ReferencedHandles::endsWith ( uint  handle) const
int Tp::ReferencedHandles::indexOf ( uint  handle,
int  from = 0 
) const
bool Tp::ReferencedHandles::isEmpty ( ) const
int Tp::ReferencedHandles::lastIndexOf ( uint  handle,
int  from = -1 
) const
int Tp::ReferencedHandles::length ( ) const
ReferencedHandles Tp::ReferencedHandles::mid ( int  pos,
int  length = -1 
) const
int Tp::ReferencedHandles::size ( ) const
bool Tp::ReferencedHandles::startsWith ( uint  handle) const
void Tp::ReferencedHandles::append ( const ReferencedHandles another)
void Tp::ReferencedHandles::clear ( )
void Tp::ReferencedHandles::move ( int  from,
int  to 
void Tp::ReferencedHandles::pop_back ( )
void Tp::ReferencedHandles::pop_front ( )
int Tp::ReferencedHandles::removeAll ( uint  handle)
void Tp::ReferencedHandles::removeAt ( int  i)
void Tp::ReferencedHandles::removeFirst ( )
void Tp::ReferencedHandles::removeLast ( )
bool Tp::ReferencedHandles::removeOne ( uint  handle)
void Tp::ReferencedHandles::swap ( int  i,
int  j 
uint Tp::ReferencedHandles::takeAt ( int  i)
uint Tp::ReferencedHandles::takeFirst ( )
uint Tp::ReferencedHandles::takeLast ( )
bool Tp::ReferencedHandles::operator!= ( const ReferencedHandles another) const
bool Tp::ReferencedHandles::operator!= ( const UIntList another) const
ReferencedHandles Tp::ReferencedHandles::operator+ ( const ReferencedHandles another) const
ReferencedHandles& Tp::ReferencedHandles::operator+= ( const ReferencedHandles another)
ReferencedHandles& Tp::ReferencedHandles::operator<< ( const ReferencedHandles another)
ReferencedHandles & Tp::ReferencedHandles::operator= ( const ReferencedHandles another)
bool Tp::ReferencedHandles::operator== ( const ReferencedHandles another) const
bool Tp::ReferencedHandles::operator== ( const UIntList list) const
uint Tp::ReferencedHandles::operator[] ( int  i) const
UIntList Tp::ReferencedHandles::toList ( ) const
QSet<uint> Tp::ReferencedHandles::toSet ( ) const
std::list<uint> Tp::ReferencedHandles::toStdList ( ) const
QVector<uint> Tp::ReferencedHandles::toVector ( ) const

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