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Tp::StreamTubeServer::Tube Class Reference

The StreamTubeServer::Tube class represents a tube being handled by the server. More...

#include <TelepathyQt/StreamTubeServer>

Inherits QPair< AccountPtr, OutgoingStreamTubeChannelPtr >.

Public Member Functions

 Tube ()
 Tube (const AccountPtr &account, const OutgoingStreamTubeChannelPtr &channel)
 Tube (const Tube &other)
 ~Tube ()
bool isValid () const
Tubeoperator= (const Tube &other)
const AccountPtr & account () const
const OutgoingStreamTubeChannelPtr & channel () const

Detailed Description

The StreamTubeServer::Tube class represents a tube being handled by the server.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Tp::StreamTubeServer::Tube::Tube ( )

Constructs a new invalid Tube instance.

Tp::StreamTubeServer::Tube::Tube ( const AccountPtr &  account,
const OutgoingStreamTubeChannelPtr &  channel 

Constructs a Tube instance for the given tube channel originating from the given account.

accountA pointer to the account object.
channelA pointer to the tube channel object.
Tp::StreamTubeServer::Tube::Tube ( const Tube other)

Copy constructor.

Tp::StreamTubeServer::Tube::~Tube ( )

Class destructor.

Member Function Documentation

bool Tp::StreamTubeServer::Tube::isValid ( ) const

Return whether or not the tube is valid or is just the null object created using the default constructor.

true if valid, false otherwise.
StreamTubeServer::Tube & Tp::StreamTubeServer::Tube::operator= ( const Tube other)

Assignment operator.

AccountPtr Tp::StreamTubeServer::Tube::account ( ) const

Return the account from which the tube originates.

A pointer to the account object.
OutgoingStreamTubeChannelPtr Tp::StreamTubeServer::Tube::channel ( ) const

Return the actual tube channel.

A pointer to the channel.

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