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Tp::Callback2< R, Arg1, Arg2 > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Tp::Callback2< R, Arg1, Arg2 >, including all inherited members.

BaseCallback(AbstractFunctorCaller *caller)Tp::BaseCallbackinline
BaseCallback(const BaseCallback &other)Tp::BaseCallbackinline
Callback2()Tp::Callback2< R, Arg1, Arg2 >inline
Callback2(const Functor &functor)Tp::Callback2< R, Arg1, Arg2 >inline
FunctionType typedefTp::Callback2< R, Arg1, Arg2 >
isValid() constTp::BaseCallbackinline
operator()(Arg1 a1, Arg2 a2) constTp::Callback2< R, Arg1, Arg2 >inline
operator=(const BaseCallback &other)Tp::BaseCallbackinline
ResultType typedefTp::Callback2< R, Arg1, Arg2 >