Interface Account.Interface.Addressing

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SetURISchemeAssociation (s: URI_Scheme, b: Association) nothing


URISchemes as Read only
Added in 0.21.5. (as stable API)
Changed in 0.27.1. The standard D-Bus PropertiesChanged signal is now used for URISchemes property change notifications.
Objects implementing this interface must also implement:


Some accounts can be used for multiple protocols; for instance, SIP and Skype accounts can often be used to contact the PSTN, MSN and Yahoo accounts can contact each other, and XMPP accounts can potentially contact many protocols via a transport.

However, if the user does not intend to make use of this functionality, user interfaces can improve clarity by not displaying it: for instance, if a user prefers to call phone numbers via a particular SIP account, when an address book displays a contact with a phone number, it is desirable to display a "call with SIP" button for that account, but avoid displaying similar buttons for any other configured SIP or Skype accounts.

The purpose of this interface is to allow this "for use with" information to be recorded and retrieved.



SetURISchemeAssociation (s: URI_Scheme, b: Association) → nothing


  • URI_Scheme — s
  • URI scheme to associate/disassociate the account with/from

  • Association — b
  • True to associate this account with a given addressing scheme

    False if the account should not be associated with said scheme

Associate (or disassociate) an account with a particular URI addressing scheme, (such as 'tel' for telephony)


Accessed using the org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties interface.

URISchemes — as

Read only
When this property changes, the org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.PropertiesChanged signal is emitted with the new value.

A list of fields indicating the type of URI addressing scheme the the account should be used for (eg 'tel') indicating the account is intended for use by applications offering a telephony UI, or 'sip' or 'xmpp' for those protocols

Note that these fields signify intent, not ability: It is entirely possible that an account which can be used for a given URI scheme is not wanted for it by the user, and therefore not flagged as such in this field.

Change notification for this property is provided by the standard D-Bus PropertiesChanged signal.