Interface Call1.Content.MediaDescription.Interface.RTPHeaderExtensions

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HeaderExtensions a(uuss) ( RTP_Header_Extensions_List) Read only


RTP_Header_Extension Struct (uuss)
Added in 0.25.2. (as stable API)
Objects implementing this interface must also implement:


This media description interface provides a method of signalling support for RTP Header Extensions, documented by A General Mechanism for RTP Header Extensions (RFC 5285).

For more details on the General Mechanism for RTP Header Extensions and how to use them, one should refer to RFC 5285.


Accessed using the org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties interface.

HeaderExtensions — a(uuss) (RTP_Header_Extensions_List)

Read only
A list of remote header extensions which are supported.


Struct (Permalink)

RTP_Header_Extension — (uuss)

A struct defining a RTP Header extension.
  • ID — u
  • Identifier to be negotiated.
  • Direction — u (Media_Stream_Direction)
  • Direction in which the Header Extension is negotiated.
  • URI — s
  • URI defining the extension.
  • Parameters — s
  • Feedback parameters as a string. Format is defined in the relevant RFC.