Interface Channel.FUTURE

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Bundle o Read only
WARNING: This interface is a staging area for future Channel functionality and is likely to cause havoc to your API/ABI if bindings are generated. Do not include this interface in libraries that care about compatibility.
Objects implementing this interface must also implement:


This interface contains functionality which we intend to incorporate into the Channel interface in future. It should be considered to be conceptually part of the core Channel interface, but without API or ABI guarantees.


If we add new functionality to the Channel interface, libraries that use generated code (notably telepathy-glib) will have it as part of their ABI forever, meaning we can't make incompatible changes. By using this interface as a staging area for future Channel functionality, we can try out new properties, signals and methods as application-specific extensions, then merge them into the core Channel interface when we have enough implementation experience to declare them to be stable.

The name is by analogy to Python's __future__ pseudo-module.


Accessed using the org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties interface.

Bundle — o

Read only
Added in 0.17.9. (in Channel.FUTURE pseudo-interface)

The ChannelBundle.DRAFT to which this channel belongs.

A channel's Bundle property can never change.

Older connection managers might not have this property. Clients (particularly the channel dispatcher) SHOULD recover by considering each channel to be in a bundle containing only that channel, distinct from all other bundles, which has no additional interfaces.