Interface Channel.Interface.CredentialsStorage.DRAFT

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StoreCredentials (b: Store) nothing
WARNING: This interface is experimental and is likely to cause havoc to your API/ABI if bindings are generated. Do not include this interface in libraries that care about compatibility.
Added in 0.21.10. (draft 1)
Objects implementing this interface must also implement:


A channel interface for SASL authentication channels that can save the credentials in the connection manager.

This interface is unlikely to be present for any SASL channels that are more complex than a simple password prompt (e.g. X-TELEPATHY-PASSWORD or PLAIN).

In practice, this interface should only be implemented by connection managers that implement the ConnectionManager.Interface.AccountStorage.DRAFT interface. To clear a password that has been saved in this manner, a client should call AccountStorage.DRAFT.ForgetCredentials on the Account.



StoreCredentials (b: Store) → nothing


  • Store — b
  • Whether to store the authentication credentials.

This method tells the connection manager whether to store the authentication response in order to allow the connection manager to sign-on automatically in the future.

If credentials have been stored in this way, the client SHOULD NOT attempt to store the credentials locally in a keyring.

This method MUST be called before AcceptSASL is called or it will have no effect.