Interface Channel.Interface.Destroyable

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Destroy () nothing
Added in 0.17.14. (as stable API)
Objects implementing this interface must also implement:


This interface exists to support channels where Channel.Close is insufficiently destructive. At the moment this means Channel.Type.Text, but the existence of this interface means that unsupported channels can be terminated in a non-channel-type-specific way.



Destroy () → nothing

Close the channel abruptly, possibly with loss of data. The connection manager MUST NOT re-create the channel unless/until more events occur.


The main motivating situation for this method is that when a Text channel with pending messages is closed with Close, it comes back as an incoming channel (to avoid a race between Close and an incoming message). If Destroy is called on a Text channel, the CM should delete all pending messages and close the channel, and the channel shouldn't be re-created until/unless another message arrives.

Most clients SHOULD call Channel.Close instead. However, if a client explicitly intends to destroy the channel with possible loss of data, it SHOULD call this method if this interface is supported (according to the Channel.Interfaces property), falling back to Close if not.

In particular, channel dispatchers SHOULD use this method if available when terminating channels that cannot be handled correctly (for instance, if no handler has been installed for a channel type, or if the handler crashes repeatedly).

Connection managers do not need to implement this interface on channels where Close and Destroy would be equivalent.


Callers need to be able to fall back to Close in any case.