Interface Client.Handler.FUTURE

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BypassObservers b Read only
RelatedConferencesBypassApproval b Read only
WARNING: This interface is a staging area for future Handler functionality and is likely to cause havoc to your API/ABI if bindings are generated. Do not include this interface in libraries that care about compatibility.
Objects implementing this interface must also implement:


This interface contains functionality which we intend to incorporate into the Handler interface in future. It should be considered to be conceptually part of the core Handler interface, but without API or ABI guarantees.


Accessed using the org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties interface.

BypassObservers — b

Read only
Added in 0.21.2.

If true, channels destined for this handler are not passed to observers for observing.


This is useful in use-cases where the handler doesn't want anyone observing the channel - for example, because channels it handles shouldn't be logged.

For service-activatable handlers, this property should be specified in the handler's .client file as follows:


RelatedConferencesBypassApproval — b

Read only

If true, channels destined for this handler that have the Conference interface, with a channel that was previously handled by the same client process in their InitialChannels property, should bypass the approval stage. In effect, this is a weaker form of BypassApproval.


It would be reasonable for a user interface to accept invitations to continuations of an existing channel automatically, or not; this is a matter of UI policy.

It's somewhat complex for an Approver to keep track of which channels are being handled by a particular Handler, but the Channel Dispatcher already has to track this, so it's useful for the channel dispatcher to assist here.