Interface Connection.Interface.IRCCommand1

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Send (s: Command) nothing
Added in 0.27.3.
Objects implementing this interface must also implement:


An interface to send arbitrary IRC commands to the server.



Send (s: Command) → nothing


  • Command — s
  • The command followed by its arguments.

Send an arbitrary IRC command to the server.

For example, an IRC client receiving /bip blreset from the user might call this method with BIP blreset as argument which will send BIP blreset to the server.

The command is supplied in UTF-8 (because strings on D-Bus are always UTF-8). It is transcoded into the connection's configured character set, if different, before sending to the server.

Possible Errors

  • Disconnected
  • The connection is not currently connected and cannot be used. This error may also be raised when operations are performed on a Connection for which StatusChanged has signalled status Disconnected for reason None.
    The second usage corresponds to None in the Connection_Status_Reason enum; if a better reason is available, the corresponding error should be used instead.
  • Network Error
  • Raised when there is an error reading from or writing to the network.
  • Invalid Argument
  • The connection manager MAY raise this error for commands that have a more appropriate D-Bus API.