Interface Connection.Interface.ServicePoint

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ServicePointsChanged (a((us)as): Service_Points)


KnownServicePoints a((us)as) ( Service_Point_Info_List) Read only


Service_Point_Type Enum u
Service_Point_Info Struct ((us)as)
Service_Point Struct (us)
Added in 0.19.7. (as stable API)
Objects implementing this interface must also implement:


An interface for connections whose channels may be able to indicate specific they are connected to some form of service station. For example, when dialing 9-1-1 in the US, a GSM modem/network will recognize that as an emergency call, and inform higher levels of the stack that the call is being handled by an emergency service. In this example, the call is handled by a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) which is labeled as "urn:service:sos". Other networks and protocols may handle this differently while still using this interface.



ServicePointsChanged (a((us)as): Service_Points)


Emitted when the list of known service points (or their IDs) has changed.


Accessed using the org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties interface.

KnownServicePoints — a((us)as) (Service_Point_Info_List)

Read only
The list of all (known) service points.


Enum (Permalink)

Service_Point_Type — u

The various types of service points a channel might connect to.
  • None (0)
  • The channel is not communicating with a service point, or it is not known whether it is communicating with a service point (e.g. an ordinary call).
  • Emergency (1)
  • The service point is a generic emergency point.
  • Counseling (2)
  • The service point is some kind of counseling service (ie, mental health or child-services counseling).
Struct (Permalink)

Service_Point_Info — ((us)as)

Description of a service point and IDs which are mapped to it.

An example Service Point info for GSM emergency calls (callable through "911" and "112") could look like:

  ServicePointInfo = (
    Service_Point: (
      Service_Point_Type: 1 (Emergency),
      Service_Point: "urn:service:sos"
    Service_IDs: [ "911", "112" ]
  • Service_Point — (us) (Service_Point)
  • The service point.
  • Service_IDs — as
  • A list of IDs that are mapped to this service. This is provided as a convenience for the UIs, but the preferred method for requesting channel to a service is by setting the InitialServicePoint property in a channel request.
Struct (Permalink)

Service_Point — (us)

A service point.
  • Service_Point_Type — u (Service_Point_Type)
  • The service type.
  • Service — s
  • String representation of the service point. The representation is service specific; it may be a 'service' Uniform Resource Name as specified by RFC 5031, or may be in some other form. Empty, unused or unknown value is represented by "".