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Statuses a{s(ubb)} ( Simple_Status_Spec_Map) Read only Immutable
Added in 0.21.3. (as stable API)
Objects implementing this interface must also implement:


An interface for protocols where it might be possible to set the user's presence, and the supported presence types can be predicted before connecting.


This allows UIs to show or hide presence types that aren't always supported, such as "invisible", while not online.

The properties on this interface SHOULD be cached in the .manager file, in the [Protocol proto] group. For each status s in Statuses, that group should contain a key of the form status-s whose value is the Connection_Presence_Type as an ASCII decimal integer, followed by a space-separated sequence of tokens from the following set:

If present, the user can set this status on themselves using SetPresence; this corresponds to May_Set_On_Self in the Simple_Status_Spec struct.
If present, the user can set a non-empty message for this status; this corresponds to Can_Have_Message in the Simple_Status_Spec struct.

Unrecognised tokens MUST be ignored.

For instance, an XMPP connection manager might have this .manager file:

[Protocol jabber]
param-account=s required
param-password=s required
status-hidden=5 settable message
status-xa=4 settable message
status-away=3 settable message
status-dnd=6 settable message
status-available=2 settable message
status-chat=2 settable message

which corresponds to these property values (using a Python-like syntax):

Statuses = {
    'offline': (OFFLINE, False, False),
    'unknown': (UNKNOWN, False, False),
    'error': (ERROR, False, False),
    'hidden': (HIDDEN, True, True),
    'xa': (EXTENDED_AWAY, True, True),
    'away': (AWAY, True, True),
    'dnd': (BUSY, True, True),
    'available': (AVAILABLE, True, True),
    'chat': (AVAILABLE, True, True),


Accessed using the org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties interface.

Statuses — a{s(ubb)} (Simple_Status_Spec_Map)

Read only
This property is immutable which means that it can never change.

The statuses that might appear in the Connection.Interface.SimplePresence.Statuses property on a connection to this protocol that supports SimplePresence. This property is immutable.

Depending on server capabilities, it is possible that not all of these will actually appear on the Connection.