This page lists old and dead components of the Telepathy framework for historical reasons. None of them is developed anymore and in most cases it doesn't make sense to revive any of them due to use of deprecated API or libraries.

Connection Managers

  • Wilde: An AOL/ICQ (Oscar) connection manager, this handles single direct messaging, presence, conversations and simple buddy list (add/remove).
  • Butterfly: An MSN connection manager that handles presence, conversations, avatars, personal messages, server-side aliases, and full contact management (including groups).
  • Sunshine: A connection manager with support for Gadu-Gadu network that handles basic GG 10 protocol features.
  • telepathy-mixer: support for the MXit protocol.


  • The instant messaging, address book and VoIP user interfaces on Nokia's Maemo-powered internet tablets/phones (such as the N810 and N900) are Telepathy clients.
  • Ereseva: VOIP-capable webphone, based on tapioca-python and GTK+ libraries. (Ereseva SVN repository)
  • Landell: a GNOME Instant Messenger built around Tapioca# (C#/Mono)
  • Cohoba: a UI for GNOME desktops by RaphaĆ«l Slinckx (Python)
  • GnomeUI: an experimental UI for Gnome desktops by Adam Lofts (C#/Mono)
  • Banter: a Gnome IM/voice/video client with a rich user interface (C#/Mono)


  • Telepathy Inspector: A telepathy client (GTK+) whose objective is to expose all interfaces and functionalities implemented by a given connection manager along with its connections, channels, etc.


  • Telepathy-Farsight: a GLib/GObject library that uses Farsight2 to handle the streaming part of media streaming for channels with the MediaSignalling interface
  • Telepathy-Qt4: High-level binding for Telepathy, similar to telepathy-glib but for Qt4.
  • Telepathy Python: Python libraries for use in Telepathy clients (e.g. Cohoba) and connection managers (e.g. Butterfly)
    • deprecated in favour of ?GObjectIntrospection bindings based on Telepathy GLib
  • TelepathySharp: A .NET library for use in Telepathy clients
  • TapiocaSharp: A high-level .NET library on top of ?TelepathySharp for use in Telepathy clients (e.g. landell)
  • TelepathyQt: Older Qt4 libraries for use in Telepathy clients and connection managers
    • deprecated in favour of ?Telepathy Qt4, which was later renamed to Telepathy Qt again, but is a completely different library.
  • TapiocaQt: A high-level Qt4 library on top of TelepathyQt for use in Telepathy clients (e.g. decibel, kopete)
  • libtelepathy: A GLib library to ease writing Telepathy clients in glib

Other Components