Mission Control—or MC for short—is a Telepathy component implementing both the Account Manager and Channel Dispatcher specifications. It stores your IM account settings, deals with talking to the relevant connection managers to bring accounts online where necessary, and dispatches incoming and outgoing communication channels to the relevant applications.

For example, your address book can ask Mission Control to create a call channel to bob@example.com from your Google Talk account. MC relays that request to the connection manager (Gabble) and, when the connection manager responds, passes the call channel to the application on your system which presents UI for calls (launching it if necessary).

Mission Control is licensed under the LGPL v2.1; it was originally written by Naba Kumar and Alberto Mardegan at Nokia Corporation for the Maemo platform, and is currently maintained by Collabora Ltd.


Your favourite distribution probably already provides packages of Mission Control. Alternatively, you can obtain the source code by a variety of different means:

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