SSH-Contact is a client/service tool that makes it easy to connect to your telepathy IM contacts via SSH. No need to care about dynamic IP, NAT, port forwarding, or firewalls anymore; if you can chat with a friend, you can also SSH to their machine.



Does it work if I'm using pidgin?

No. You and the contact you are sshing must be online using a Telepathy client (like Empathy).

Which IM protocols are supported?

Currently only Jabber (using telepathy-gabble) is supported. But ssh-contact could work with any protocol if its telepathy backend supports ?StreamTube.

Why some of my contacts are not listed in ssh-contact menu?

Only contacts with ssh-contact service installed and connected using telepathy are listed

Is there security risks?

If you install the ssh-contact service, your ssh daemon is exposed to all your IM contacts. Of course they still have to make the ssh authentication (password, ssh key, etc). This means that your sshd is not "protected" anymore behind a NAT or firewall. It is equivalent to have ssh daemon running with a public IP address and port 22 open. So ssh-contact-service security == sshd security. It is your choice to trust sshd or not.