Telepathy integration with other projects

This page is very incomplete. I try to sum up informations about what others projects want to do with Telepathy and the status of the code.

Vino and Vinagre

Integration of ?Telepathy Tubes in Vino and Vinagre in order to share your desktop with your IM contacts.



Since version 1.1.3, nautilus-sendto supports sending files to your Telepathy contacts (provided you use Empathy). Blog post discussing the initial implementation.


There is a patch to use a stream tube between gtetrinet and the server. summary

Demo screencast: user1 user2.


Epiphany extension that allows the user to share the links on a web page with their IM contacts



Soylent intends to be a "people browser"


AbiCollab is an Abiword plugin for collaborative edition. Several users can edit the same document together and see their respective contribution as soon as the network latency permit it. It uses algorithms explained in this article on the GNOME Journal.

AbiCollab can use several backends to communicate with the contacts:

  • With the tcp backend, the user must set the IP address of its contacts.
  • With the xmpp backend, Abiword connects to the user's Jabber server and the user choose its contact from the contact list. Abiword data is sent directly in xmpp messages encoded in base64.
  • The sugar backend is used on OLPC, and data is sent through a stream tube as others OLPC activities. The tube specification is not the same as the current Telepathy spec.
  • It would be great to add a backend that uses Telepathy tubes and Mission Control. The current stable version does not have AbiCollab. You can test it with the development version 2.5.0 or the latest SVN version. I have made a screencast with the xmpp backend: user1 user2.


Unknown status




GNOME-Games + Telepathy: Play GNOME-Sudoku with your IM contacts

as part of GSOC 2009 this project is being done by Zhang Sen. More info at


Implement Music Sharing in Banshee using the Telepathy API

Another GSOC 2009 project by Neil Loknath Info at