This page enlists various components that together make the Telepathy project. For their releases you can check directly the releases page and for their documentation, the documentation page


  • KDE-Telepathy - a collection of components providing IM capabilities to the Plasma desktops
  • Empathy - GNOME IM/voice/video client
  • Polari - GNOME Irc client

Connection Managers

Connection Managers are the components responsible for actually connecting to the Jabber/SIP/etc… server.


  • Telepathy GLib - GLib/GObject-based library for clients and connection managers
  • Telepathy Qt - Qt-based library for clients and connection managers, including a Qt binding for Telepathy Farstream
  • Telepathy Farstream - GLib/GObject library that uses Farstream to handle the media streaming part of channels of type Call
  • Wocky - XMPP library used by telepathy-gabble and telepathy-salut
  • Folks - library that aggregates people from multiple sources (eg, Telepathy connection managers for IM contacts, Evolution Data Server for local contacts, libsocialweb for web service contacts, etc.) to create metacontacts

Other Components

  • Mission Control - Account Manager and Channel Dispatcher implementation, which stores accounts and coordinates the launching of connection managers and clients
  • Telepathy Logger - daemon that centralizes the logging of all communication within the Telepathy framework