Here is a list of all the components that are released by the Telepathy project upstream, with links to their latest tarballs. For other 3rd-party components, you will need to check their websites instead.

You can also browse the releases directory here

Component Type Latest stable Latest unstable Latest 'next'
Telepathy D-Bus API Specification Document 0.27.4 0.99.8
Telepathy GLib Library 0.24.1 0.23.3 0.99.11
Telepathy Qt Library 0.9.8
Telepathy Farstream Library 0.6.2
Telepathy Gabble Connection Manager 0.18.4 0.17.5 0.99.10
Telepathy Salut Connection Manager 0.8.1 0.7.2 0.99.11
Telepathy Haze Connection Manager 0.8.2 0.7.1 0.99.11
Telepathy Rakia Connection Manager 0.8.0 0.7.5 0.99.11
Telepathy Idle Connection Manager 0.2.2 0.1.17 0.99.11
Telepathy Morse Connection Manager
Telepathy Nonsense Connection Manager
Telepathy Hanging Connection Manager
Mission Control Other 5.16.6 5.15.1 5.99.11
Telepathy Logger Other 0.8.2

About the ‘next’ releases

Telepathy ‘next’ is the next major version of the Telepathy Spec that will break API, leading to the need for API/ABI changes also in the libraries, which affect all the components. Currently this is in alpha stage, so do not use these versions unless you know what you are doing.