Requesting Calls

Frequently you will not wish to handle Call channels, but simply make a request to the Channel Dispatcher asking another client to place the call.

This can be done by requesting that the Channel Dispatcher create you a channel (see Section 6.1 ― Requesting Channels) with the properties given in Table 10-1.

The first three properties are common to most channel requests. The InitialAudio channel indicates the Connection Manager should immediately set up an audio channel (logically required). The InitialVideo property indicates the Connection Manager should also immediately set up a video channel. Most protocols do not support video without audio. Although Telepathy itself supports adding or removing video at any time during a call, some protocols (notably Google Talk's version of Jingle) do not support adding video to an existing audio call.

Property Value
Channel.ChannelType Channel.Type.Call
Channel.TargetHandleType Handle_Type_Contact or Handle_Type_Room
Channel.TargetID or Channel.TargetHandle e.g.
Channel.Type.Call.InitialAudio True
Channel.Type.Call.InitialVideo True or False

Making a request in this manner is also supported by the older StreamedMedia interface:

Property Value
Channel.ChannelType Channel.Type.StreamedMedia
Channel.TargetHandleType Handle_Type_Contact
Channel.TargetID or Channel.TargetHandle e.g. eschiecat
Channel.Type.StreamedMedia.InitialAudio True
Channel.Type.StreamedMedia.InitialVideo True or False