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public class AvatarCache : Object

A singleton persistent cache for avatars in folks.

Avatars may be added to the cache, and referred to by a persistent URI from that point onwards. The avatars will be stored on disk in the user's XDG cache directory.

The avatar cache is typically used by backends where retrieving avatars is an expensive operation (for example, they have to be downloaded from the network every time they're used).

All avatars from all users of the Folks.AvatarCache are stored in the same namespace, so callers must ensure that the IDs they use for avatars are globally unique (e.g. by using the corresponding Folks.Persona.uid).

Ongoing store operations (Folks.AvatarCache.store_avatar) are rate limited to try and prevent file descriptor exhaustion. Load operations ( Folks.AvatarCache.load_avatar) must be rate limited by the client, as the file I/O occurs when calling GLib.LoadableIcon.load rather than when retrieving the GLib.LoadableIcon from the cache.



Namespace: Folks
Package: folks


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