Service-side implementation

Connection manager life cycle — entry point for telepathy-glib connection managers
TpBaseConnectionManager — base class for TpSvcConnectionManager implementations
TpBaseProtocol — base class for TpSvcProtocol implementations
TpBaseConnection — base class for TpSvcConnection implementations
TpChannelManager — interface for creating and tracking channels
TpBaseContactList — channel manager for ContactList channels
TpContactsMixin — a mixin implementation of the contacts connection interface
TpDBusPropertiesMixin — a mixin implementation of the DBus.Properties interface
TpExportableChannel — interface representing channels with several standard properties
TpBaseChannel — base class for TpExportableChannel implementations
TpPresenceMixin — a mixin implementation of the Presence connection interface
TpPropertiesMixin — a mixin implementation of the Telepathy.Properties interface
TpBaseRoomConfig — implements the RoomConfig interface for chat rooms.
TpGroupMixin — a mixin implementation of the groups interface
TpMessageMixin — a mixin implementation of the text channel type and the Messages interface
TpMessage — a message in the Telepathy message interface
TpCMMessage — a message in the Telepathy message interface, CM side
TpBasePasswordChannel — a simple X-TELEPATHY-PASSWORD channel
TpSimplePasswordManager — a simple X-TELEPATHY-PASSWORD channel manager
TpBaseClient — base class for Telepathy clients on D-Bus
TpObserveChannelsContext — context of a Observer.ObserveChannels() call
TpAddDispatchOperationContext — context of a Approver.AddDispatchOperation() call
TpHandleChannelsContext — context of a Handler.HandleChannels() call
TpSimpleObserver — a subclass of TpBaseClient implementing a simple Observer
TpSimpleApprover — a subclass of TpBaseClient implementing a simple Approver
TpSimpleHandler — a subclass of TpBaseClient implementing a simple Handler
DTMF dialstring interpreter — Converts a dialstring into a timed sequence of events
TpBaseCallChannel — base class for TpSvcChannelTypeCall implementations
TpBaseMediaCallChannel — base class for TpSvcChannelTypeCall RTP media implementations
TpBaseCallContent — base class for TpSvcCallContent implementations
TpBaseMediaCallContent — base class for TpSvcCallContentInterfaceMedia implementations
TpCallContentMediaDescription — implementation of TpSvcCallContentMediaDescription
TpBaseCallStream — base class for TpSvcCallStream implementations
TpBaseMediaCallStream — base class for TpSvcCallStreamInterfaceMedia implementations
TpCallStreamEndpoint — class for TpSvcCallStreamEndpoint implementations