Client-side proxies

TpConnectionManager — proxy object for a Telepathy connection manager
TpProtocol — proxy for a Telepathy Protocol object
TpConnection — proxy object for a Telepathy connection
TpContact — object representing a contact
TpCapabilities — object representing capabilities
TpContactSearch — object for a Telepathy contact search channel
TpContactSearchResult — a result of a contact search
TpChannel — proxy object for a Telepathy channel
TpAccountManager — proxy object for the Telepathy account manager
TpAccount — proxy object for an account in the Telepathy account manager
TpAccountRequest — object for a currently non-existent account in order to create easily without speaking fluent D-Bus
TpChannelDispatcher — proxy object for the Telepathy channel dispatcher
TpChannelDispatchOperation — proxy object for a to the Telepathy channel dispatcher
TpChannelRequest — proxy object for a request to the Telepathy channel dispatcher
TpClient — proxy object for a client of the ChannelDispatcher
TpAccountChannelRequestObject used to request a channel from a TpAccount
TpStreamTubeChannel — proxy object for a stream tube channel
TpStreamTubeConnection — a connection on a Stream Tube
TpDBusTubeChannel — proxy object for D-Bus tube channels
TpClientFactorya factory for TpContacts and plain subclasses of TpProxy
TpAutomaticClientFactoryFactory for specialized TpChannel subclasses.
TpClientMessage — a message in the Telepathy message interface, client side
TpSignalledMessage — a message received using the Telepathy message interface
TpTextChannel — proxy object for a text channel
TpFileTransferChannel — proxy object for a file transfer channel
TpCallChannel — proxy object for a call channel
TpCallContent — proxy object for a call content
TpCallStream — proxy object for a call stream
TpDebugClient — proxy objects for Telepathy debug information
TpDebugMessage — a debug message
TpRoomList — proxy object for a room list channel
TpRoomInfoa room found by TpRoomList
TpTLSCertificate — proxy object for a server or peer's TLS certificate
TpTLSCertificateRejection — a certificate rejection
TpLogger — proxy object on the logger