Service-side implementation

Connection manager life cycle — entry point for telepathy-glib connection managers
TpBaseConnectionManagerbase class for TpSvcConnectionManager implementations
TpBaseProtocolbase class for TpSvcProtocol implementations
TpBaseConnection — base class for core Connection D-Bus interfaces implementation
TpChannelManager — interface for creating and tracking channels
TpChannelManagerRequest — TODO
TpBaseContactList — base class for ContactList Connection interface
TpDBusPropertiesMixin — a mixin implementation of the DBus.Properties interface
TpBaseChannel — base class for all channel implementations
TpPresenceMixinInterfacean interface that can be implemented on TpBaseConnection subclasses to add support for presence.
TpBaseRoomConfig — implements the RoomConfig interface for chat rooms.
TpGroupMixin — a mixin implementation of the groups interface
TpMessageMixin — a mixin implementation of the text channel type
TpMessage — a message in the Telepathy message interface
TpCMMessage — a message in the Telepathy message interface, CM side
TpBasePasswordChannel — a simple X-TELEPATHY-PASSWORD channel
TpSimplePasswordManager — a simple X-TELEPATHY-PASSWORD channel manager
TpBaseClient — base class for Telepathy clients on D-Bus
TpChannelFilter — a filter matching certain channels
TpObserveChannelContext — context of a Observer.ObserveChannels() call
TpAddDispatchOperationContext — context of a Approver.AddDispatchOperation() call
TpHandleChannelContext — context of a Handler.HandleChannels() call
TpSimpleObservera subclass of TpBaseClient implementing a simple Observer
TpSimpleApprovera subclass of TpBaseClient implementing a simple Approver
TpSimpleHandlera subclass of TpBaseClient implementing a simple Handler
DTMF dialstring interpreter — Converts a dialstring into a timed sequence of events
TpBaseCallChannelbase class for TpSvcChannelTypeCall1 implementations
TpBaseMediaCallChannelbase class for TpSvcChannelTypeCall RTP media implementations
TpBaseCallContentbase class for TpSvcCall1Content implementations
TpBaseMediaCallContentbase class for TpSvcCall1ContentInterfaceMedia implementations
TpCallContentMediaDescriptionimplementation of TpSvcCallContentMediaDescription
TpBaseCallStreambase class for TpSvcCall1Stream implementations
TpBaseMediaCallStreambase class for TpSvcCall1StreamInterfaceMedia implementations
TpCallStreamEndpointclass for TpSvcCall1StreamEndpoint implementations