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Base class for channel implementations. More...

#include <TelepathyQt/BaseChannel>

Inherits Tp::DBusService.


void closed ()
- Signals inherited from Tp::Object
void propertyChanged (const QString &propertyName)

Public Member Functions

virtual ~BaseChannel ()
QVariantMap immutableProperties () const
bool registerObject (DBusError *error=NULL)
virtual QString uniqueName () const
Tp::BaseConnectionconnection () const
QString channelType () const
QList< AbstractChannelInterfacePtr > interfaces () const
AbstractChannelInterfacePtr interface (const QString &interfaceName) const
uint targetHandle () const
QString targetID () const
uint targetHandleType () const
bool requested () const
uint initiatorHandle () const
QString initiatorID () const
Tp::ChannelDetails details () const
void setInitiatorHandle (uint initiatorHandle)
void setInitiatorID (const QString &initiatorID)
void setTargetID (const QString &targetID)
void setRequested (bool requested)
void close ()
bool plugInterface (const AbstractChannelInterfacePtr &interface)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tp::DBusService
 DBusService (const QDBusConnection &dbusConnection)
virtual ~DBusService ()
QDBusConnection dbusConnection () const
QString busName () const
QString objectPath () const
DBusObjectdbusObject () const
bool isRegistered () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tp::Object
virtual ~Object ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tp::RefCounted
 RefCounted ()
virtual ~RefCounted ()

Static Public Member Functions

static BaseChannelPtr create (BaseConnection *connection, const QString &channelType, Tp::HandleType targetHandleType=Tp::HandleTypeNone, uint targetHandle=0)

Protected Member Functions

 BaseChannel (const QDBusConnection &dbusConnection, BaseConnection *connection, const QString &channelType, uint targetHandleType, uint targetHandle)
virtual bool registerObject (const QString &busName, const QString &objectPath, DBusError *error)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Tp::Object
 Object ()
void notify (const char *propertyName)

Detailed Description

Base class for channel implementations.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~BaseChannel()

Tp::BaseChannel::~BaseChannel ( )

Class destructor.

◆ BaseChannel()

Tp::BaseChannel::BaseChannel ( const QDBusConnection &  dbusConnection,
BaseConnection connection,
const QString &  channelType,
uint  targetHandleType,
uint  targetHandle 

Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

static BaseChannelPtr Tp::BaseChannel::create ( BaseConnection connection,
const QString &  channelType,
Tp::HandleType  targetHandleType = Tp::HandleTypeNone,
uint  targetHandle = 0 

◆ immutableProperties()

QVariantMap Tp::BaseChannel::immutableProperties ( ) const

Return the immutable properties of this channel object.

Immutable properties cannot change after the object has been registered on the bus with registerObject().

The immutable properties of this channel object.

Implements Tp::DBusService.

◆ registerObject() [1/2]

bool Tp::BaseChannel::registerObject ( DBusError error = NULL)

◆ uniqueName()

QString Tp::BaseChannel::uniqueName ( ) const

Return a unique name for this channel.

A unique name for this channel.

◆ connection()

BaseConnection * Tp::BaseChannel::connection ( ) const

◆ channelType()

QString Tp::BaseChannel::channelType ( ) const

◆ interfaces()

QList< AbstractChannelInterfacePtr > Tp::BaseChannel::interfaces ( ) const

◆ interface()

AbstractChannelInterfacePtr Tp::BaseChannel::interface ( const QString &  interfaceName) const

Return a pointer to the interface with the given name.

interfaceNameThe D-Bus name of the interface, ex. TP_QT_IFACE_PROTOCOL_INTERFACE_ADDRESSING.
A pointer to the AbstractProtocolInterface object that implements the D-Bus interface with the given name, or a null pointer if such an interface has not been plugged into this object.
See also
plugInterface(), interfaces()

◆ targetHandle()

uint Tp::BaseChannel::targetHandle ( ) const

◆ targetID()

QString Tp::BaseChannel::targetID ( ) const

◆ targetHandleType()

uint Tp::BaseChannel::targetHandleType ( ) const

◆ requested()

bool Tp::BaseChannel::requested ( ) const

◆ initiatorHandle()

uint Tp::BaseChannel::initiatorHandle ( ) const

◆ initiatorID()

QString Tp::BaseChannel::initiatorID ( ) const

◆ details()

Tp::ChannelDetails Tp::BaseChannel::details ( ) const

◆ setInitiatorHandle()

void Tp::BaseChannel::setInitiatorHandle ( uint  initiatorHandle)

◆ setInitiatorID()

void Tp::BaseChannel::setInitiatorID ( const QString &  initiatorID)

◆ setTargetID()

void Tp::BaseChannel::setTargetID ( const QString &  targetID)

◆ setRequested()

void Tp::BaseChannel::setRequested ( bool  requested)

◆ close()

void Tp::BaseChannel::close ( )

◆ plugInterface()

bool Tp::BaseChannel::plugInterface ( const AbstractChannelInterfacePtr &  interface)

Plug a new interface into this Protocol D-Bus object.

This property is immutable and cannot change after this Protocol object has been registered on the bus with registerObject().

interfaceAn AbstractProtocolInterface instance that implements the interface that is to be plugged.
true on success or false otherwise
See also
interfaces(), interface()

◆ closed

void Tp::BaseChannel::closed ( )

◆ registerObject() [2/2]

bool Tp::BaseChannel::registerObject ( const QString &  busName,
const QString &  objectPath,
DBusError error 

Reimplemented from DBusService.

Reimplemented from Tp::DBusService.