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Tp::StreamTubeClient::Tube Class Reference

The StreamTubeClient::Tube class represents a tube being handled by the client. More...

#include <TelepathyQt/StreamTubeClient>

Inherits QPair< AccountPtr, IncomingStreamTubeChannelPtr >.

Public Member Functions

 Tube ()
 Tube (const AccountPtr &account, const IncomingStreamTubeChannelPtr &channel)
 Tube (const Tube &other)
 ~Tube ()
bool isValid () const
Tubeoperator= (const Tube &other)
const AccountPtr & account () const
const IncomingStreamTubeChannelPtr & channel () const

Detailed Description

The StreamTubeClient::Tube class represents a tube being handled by the client.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Tube() [1/3]

Tp::StreamTubeClient::Tube::Tube ( )

Constructs a new invalid Tube instance.

◆ Tube() [2/3]

Tp::StreamTubeClient::Tube::Tube ( const AccountPtr &  account,
const IncomingStreamTubeChannelPtr &  channel 

Constructs a Tube instance for the given tube channel from the given account.

accountA pointer to the account the online connection of which the tube originates from.
channelA pointer to the tube channel object.

◆ Tube() [3/3]

Tp::StreamTubeClient::Tube::Tube ( const Tube other)

Copy constructor.

◆ ~Tube()

Tp::StreamTubeClient::Tube::~Tube ( )

Class destructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ isValid()

bool Tp::StreamTubeClient::Tube::isValid ( ) const

Return whether or not the tube is valid or is just the null object created using the default constructor.

true if valid, false otherwise.

◆ operator=()

StreamTubeClient::Tube & Tp::StreamTubeClient::Tube::operator= ( const Tube other)

Assignment operator.

◆ account()

AccountPtr Tp::StreamTubeClient::Tube::account ( ) const

Return the account from which the tube originates.

A pointer to the account object.

◆ channel()

IncomingStreamTubeChannelPtr Tp::StreamTubeClient::Tube::channel ( ) const

Return the actual tube channel.

A pointer to the channel.