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Tp::Service::ChannelInterfaceCallStateAdaptor Class Reference

#include <TelepathyQt/_gen/svc-channel.h>

Inherits Tp::AbstractAdaptor.

Public Slots

Tp::ChannelCallStateMap GetCallStates (const QDBusMessage &dbusMessage)


void CallStateChanged (uint contact, uint state)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Tp::AbstractAdaptor
 AbstractAdaptor (const QDBusConnection &connection, QObject *adaptee, QObject *parent)
 ~AbstractAdaptor ()
QDBusConnection dbusConnection () const
QObject * adaptee () const

Detailed Description

Adaptor class providing a 1:1 mapping of the D-Bus interface "org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Channel.Interface.CallState".

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCallStates

Tp::ChannelCallStateMap Tp::Service::ChannelInterfaceCallStateAdaptor::GetCallStates ( const QDBusMessage &  dbusMessage)

Begins a call to the exported D-Bus method GetCallStates on this object.

Adaptees should export this method as a Qt slot with the following signature: void getCallStates(const Tp::Service::ChannelInterfaceCallStateAdaptor::GetCallStatesContextPtr &context);

Implementations should call MethodInvocationContext::setFinished (or setFinishedWithError accordingly) on the received context object once the method has finished processing.

Get the current call states for all contacts involved in this call.

The current call states. Participants where the call state flags 
would be 0 (all unset) may be omitted from this mapping.

◆ CallStateChanged

void Tp::Service::ChannelInterfaceCallStateAdaptor::CallStateChanged ( uint  contact,
uint  state 

Represents the exported D-Bus signal CallStateChanged on this object.

Adaptees should export this signal as a Qt signal with the following signature: void callStateChanged(uint contact, uint state);

The adaptee signal will be automatically relayed as a D-Bus signal once emitted.

An integer handle for the contact.
The new state for this contact.