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Tp::Service::ChannelInterfaceMediaSignallingAdaptor Class Reference

#include <TelepathyQt/_gen/svc-channel.h>

Inherits Tp::AbstractAdaptor.

Public Slots

Tp::MediaSessionHandlerInfoList GetSessionHandlers (const QDBusMessage &dbusMessage)


void NewSessionHandler (const QDBusObjectPath &sessionHandler, const QString &sessionType)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Tp::AbstractAdaptor
 AbstractAdaptor (const QDBusConnection &connection, QObject *adaptee, QObject *parent)
 ~AbstractAdaptor ()
QDBusConnection dbusConnection () const
QObject * adaptee () const

Detailed Description

Adaptor class providing a 1:1 mapping of the D-Bus interface "org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Channel.Interface.MediaSignalling".

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetSessionHandlers

Tp::MediaSessionHandlerInfoList Tp::Service::ChannelInterfaceMediaSignallingAdaptor::GetSessionHandlers ( const QDBusMessage &  dbusMessage)

Begins a call to the exported D-Bus method GetSessionHandlers on this object.

Adaptees should export this method as a Qt slot with the following signature: void getSessionHandlers(const Tp::Service::ChannelInterfaceMediaSignallingAdaptor::GetSessionHandlersContextPtr &context);

Implementations should call MethodInvocationContext::setFinished (or setFinishedWithError accordingly) on the received context object once the method has finished processing.

Returns all currently active session handlers on this channel as a list of (session_handler_path, type).


◆ NewSessionHandler

void Tp::Service::ChannelInterfaceMediaSignallingAdaptor::NewSessionHandler ( const QDBusObjectPath &  sessionHandler,
const QString &  sessionType 

Represents the exported D-Bus signal NewSessionHandler on this object.

Adaptees should export this signal as a Qt signal with the following signature: void newSessionHandler(const QDBusObjectPath& sessionHandler, const QString& sessionType);

The adaptee signal will be automatically relayed as a D-Bus signal once emitted.

Object path of the new Media.SessionHandler object
String indicating type of session, eg &quot;rtp&quot;