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Tp::CaptchaInfo Struct Reference

#include <TelepathyQt/Types>

Public Attributes

uint ID
QString type
QString label
uint flags
QStringList availableMIMETypes

Detailed Description

Structure type generated from the specification.

A struct containing information regarding a single captcha mechanism.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ID

uint Tp::CaptchaInfo::ID

The ID with which to reference this captcha method when retrieving its data and answering it. They are unique within this channel instance only.

◆ type

QString Tp::CaptchaInfo::type

The type of challenge as defined by XEP-0158. For instance, the commonly-used "type the letters/words you see in this image" challenge is represented by ocr

◆ label

QString Tp::CaptchaInfo::label

A human-readable label for the challenge, as defined in XEP-0158.

If the server does not supply a label for a challenge of type other than qa, connection managers SHOULD set Label to an empty string instead of generating their own text. If the Label is an empty string, the Handler SHOULD replace it with a generic label in the user's locale, such as the strings suggested in XEP-0158 (for instance, Enter the text you see for ocr challenges). The Handler MAY use those generic labels in any case, as per the Internationalization Considerations section of XEP-0158.

Connection managers are not usually localized, so text generated by the connection manager would be in English, regardless of the user's locale. The Handler is better-placed to generate a generic Label in the user's locale.

For challenges of type qa, the Label is a plain-text question for the user to answer. The connection manager SHOULD NOT provide an empty Label; if it does, the Handler SHOULD treat that challenge as impossible, and SHOULD NOT attempt to display it.

◆ flags

uint Tp::CaptchaInfo::flags

One flag defined: Required. Most captchas will have no flags.

◆ availableMIMETypes

QStringList Tp::CaptchaInfo::availableMIMETypes

A list of MIME types the server is offering to provide for this captcha method.