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Tp::FieldSpec Struct Reference

#include <TelepathyQt/Types>

Public Attributes

QString name
QStringList parameters
uint flags
uint max

Detailed Description

Structure type generated from the specification.

A struct describing a vCard field, with parameters, that may be passed to SetContactInfo on this Connection.

Member Data Documentation

◆ name

QString Tp::FieldSpec::name

A vCard field name, such as 'tel'.

◆ parameters

QStringList Tp::FieldSpec::parameters

The set of vCard type parameters which may be set on this field. If this list is empty and the Contact_Info_Field_Flag_Parameters_Exact flag is not set, any vCard type parameters may be used.

◆ flags

uint Tp::FieldSpec::flags

Flags describing the behaviour of this field.

◆ max

uint Tp::FieldSpec::max

Maximum number of instances of this field which may be set. MAXUINT32 is used to indicate that there is no limit.