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Tp::ParamSpec Struct Reference

#include <TelepathyQt/Types>

Public Attributes

QString name
uint flags
QString signature
QDBusVariant defaultValue

Detailed Description

Structure type generated from the specification.

A struct representing an allowed parameter, as returned by GetParameters on the ConnectionManager interface.

Member Data Documentation

◆ name

QString Tp::ParamSpec::name

A string parameter name

◆ flags

uint Tp::ParamSpec::flags

A bitwise OR of the parameter flags

◆ signature

QString Tp::ParamSpec::signature

A string containing the D-Bus type signature for this parameter

◆ defaultValue

QDBusVariant Tp::ParamSpec::defaultValue

The default value (if the Has_Default flag is not present, there is no default and this takes some dummy value, which SHOULD be of the appropriate D-Bus type)