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Tp::SimpleStatusSpec Struct Reference

#include <TelepathyQt/Types>

Public Attributes

uint type
bool maySetOnSelf
bool canHaveMessage

Detailed Description

Structure type generated from the specification.

A struct containing information about a status.

Member Data Documentation

◆ type

uint Tp::SimpleStatusSpec::type

The type of a presence. This SHOULD NOT be used as a way to set statuses that the client does not recognise (as explained in SetPresence), but MAY be used to check that the client's assumptions about a particular status name match the connection manager's.

◆ maySetOnSelf

bool Tp::SimpleStatusSpec::maySetOnSelf

If true, the user can set this status on themselves using SetPresence.

◆ canHaveMessage

bool Tp::SimpleStatusSpec::canHaveMessage

If true, a non-empty message can be set for this status. Otherwise, the empty string is the only acceptable message. On IRC you can be Away with a status message, but if you are available you cannot set a status message.