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Tp::TLSCertificateRejection Struct Reference

#include <TelepathyQt/Types>

Public Attributes

uint reason
QString error
QVariantMap details

Detailed Description

Structure type generated from the specification.

Struct representing one reason why a TLS certificate was rejected.

Since there can be multiple things wrong with a TLS certificate, arrays of this type are used to represent lists of reasons for rejection. In that case, the most important reason SHOULD be placed first in the list.

Member Data Documentation

◆ reason

uint Tp::TLSCertificateRejection::reason

The value of the TLS_Certificate_Reject_Reason enumeration for this certificate rejection.

Clients that do not understand the Error member, which may be implementation-specific, can use this property to classify rejection reasons into common categories.

◆ error

QString Tp::TLSCertificateRejection::error

The DBus error name for this certificate rejection.

This MAY correspond to the value of the Reason member, or MAY be a more specific D-Bus error name, perhaps implementation-specific.

◆ details

QVariantMap Tp::TLSCertificateRejection::details

Additional information about why the certificate was rejected. This MAY also include one or more of the following well-known keys:

user-requested (b)
True if the error was due to an user-requested rejection of the certificate; False if there was an unrecoverable error in the verification process.
expected-hostname (s)
If the rejection reason is Hostname_Mismatch, the hostname that the server certificate was expected to have.
certificate-hostname (s)
If the rejection reason is Hostname_Mismatch, the hostname of the certificate that was presented.

For instance, if you try to connect to gmail.com but are presented with a TLS certificate issued to evil.example.org, the error details for Hostname_Mismatch MAY include:

        'expected-hostname': 'gmail.com',
        'certificate-hostname': 'evil.example.org',
debug-message (s)
Debugging information on the error, corresponding to the message part of a D-Bus error message, which SHOULD NOT be displayed to users under normal circumstances