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Tp::MediaStreamHandlerCodec Struct Reference

#include <TelepathyQt/Types>

Public Attributes

uint codecID
QString name
uint mediaType
uint clockRate
uint numberOfChannels
StringStringMap parameters

Detailed Description

Structure type generated from the specification.

Information about a codec supported by a client or a peer's client.

Member Data Documentation

◆ codecID

uint Tp::MediaStreamHandlerCodec::codecID

The codec's payload identifier, as per RFC 3551 (static or dynamic)

◆ name

QString Tp::MediaStreamHandlerCodec::name

The codec's name

◆ mediaType

uint Tp::MediaStreamHandlerCodec::mediaType

Type of stream this codec supports

◆ clockRate

uint Tp::MediaStreamHandlerCodec::clockRate

Sampling frequency in Hertz

◆ numberOfChannels

uint Tp::MediaStreamHandlerCodec::numberOfChannels

Number of supported channels

◆ parameters

StringStringMap Tp::MediaStreamHandlerCodec::parameters

Codec-specific optional parameters